Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bike 🚴🏻♀️

An experience i've had on my bike was when i was first rode one. My mindset at first was sacred, and then mum said that she was going to hold onto me, but 5 secs later mum let go without me knowing. I fell over CRASH. later I was riding my bike. Pstream full of water. The colour of the bike was was White with a stream of Pink. My favorite thing about my bike is that I get freedom from my hectic house.That is an adventure that I'll never forget.

Bean 2016

Do you have a garden at your school ? lots of schools have one these days. schools think Gardening can be fun and educational for the students.
what's more you get to eat the results but if you want a really good garden it pays to know a little bit of science.
“I have an announcement I'm giving you a baby bean” said kiri'
My heart was pounding with the thought of being a parent
Whoooooooo hoooooooooo the heaviness of my breath was pulling me down 
Kiri said name you bean whatever  

1 get a bean / Petri dish 
2 get a wet tissue and put it in the Petri dish\ bag  then get your bean and put it on the wet tissue
3 kiri gave us a observation template to fill out every time we observed it.


9 aug  15 mm white smooth crispy shape is ear no leaf yet 

29 aug 1.1 cm gotten bigger shape is jelly bean no leaf yet smelt like fish oil

14 july started to develope a shoot it looked like a seed that looks like it has hairs dangling out of it 

18 july the chlorophyll has started to turn my bean green I have a leaf it is 2 cm long and 3 cm wide 

21 july it has grown multiple roots the roots are heady to go in the planter box

24 july the bean is in the planter box it is green like freshly green grass

Monday, 10 October 2016

Holiday ABC

Amazon Shopping 
Baked pikelets 
Cooked soup 
Dinner with family
Egg smashing 
Fish and chips eating 
Gardening chores
Harry came over
I ate ice cream 
Jerome Youtubers
Kitty playing 
Licked my lollipop 
Mega Air with Donovan 
Nut eating 
Onion tears down my face 
Pokemon T-shirts
Quest to get shopping done 
Radio music comes through 1 ear and out the other
Swam at Graham Condon 
TV watching when it rained 
Useless ads for bambillo pillows 
Vanessa is excited for her birthday 
Walnut cracking 
X-Y Pokemon 
YouTube videos 
Zoo with my little sister 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Science project plan


I wonder _If we water the plants with dye will it change colour ?
Which plant grows the fastest/ highest?
Does music help it grow?



Plant we might be using:

Mint -Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America.  
Dill -southern Russia, western Africa and the Mediterranean region
Paisley - Scotland

Blue Bell- France and England 
Geranium Versicolour -south and south-west of England.
Saxifrage-Europe and North America 
Chamomile- Western Europe, India, and western Asia.
Lily of the Valley -Northern Hemisphere 
Velvet Daisy-South Australia 
Pansy- Asia 


old suitcase (or large planting container)✔️
️garbage bag✔️
gravel-V.M ➰
️potting soil✔️
herb plants of choice- All➰
small gardening shovel- M.E➰
colored markers✔️
toothpicks -M.E➰
glue - M.E➰

STEP ONE: 1. Prepare your container.

Ask an adult to drill holes in the base of an old suitcase. Place a trash bag inside and punch holes in it. Add a layer of grit and then fill the case with potting soil mixed with some grit.

STEP TWO: 2. Have fun with geography.

Imagine the surface of your suitcase is a world map. Arrange the herb plants you have bought according to the position of the country where they originated.

STEP THREE: 3. Create space for herb plants.

For each plant, make a deep hole in the soil that is large enough to fit the root ball. Water the plant, then gently squeeze it out of its pot and place the plant into the hole. Hold the plant by the root ball as you gently remove it from its pot.

STEP FOUR:4. Fill in the soil around the plant.

The base of the stem should be level with the soil surface. Once you've planted all your herbs, water them around their roots.

STEP FIVE:5. Decorate your garden.

Do a little research and make flags to show where the herbs originated. 


How much water/dye we put in
How tall will it grow
Will it change colour

               I will measure/observe BECAUSE…(dependent)

We don't want to overwater it
If it will grow
If it works 

WHAT CONDITION WILL I keep these the same (controlled variables)
Where we put it.
How much Water we put in it.
How much dye we put with the water.

The Space Crash! 🚀

I was in space for… 1 earth minute.
My spaceship crashed because I hit a meteor.
The planet I crashed on was a mystical and magical place with living snowmen.
I had to leave my spaceship because it was blasted by Zegiogg.
I had walked 15 kilometers before I saw I was being followed.
I saw a gigantic yellow green eyed…      Minion.
I hid in a small cave I squinted at in the distance. 
Suddenly a giant sour Gummy snake found me picked me up and rescued me put me into a little hard chocolate chip cookie cabin.
The chocolate chip cookie cabin was actually a big one, inside it was like a giant mansion filled with candy and beautiful loving butterflies.
When I  arrived they gave me a massive party and we ate big floating cakes that puffed blue sparkling bubbles when you bit into it.
When the marshmallow queen came I asked if she could fix my ship if she did I said I'd give her a Diamond necklace and she accepted my offer.
As my Spaceship lifted off I looked back at my friends sadly but happy that I knew there would be a new adventure that waits for me ahead. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Camp Letters

Waimairi school 
1 Tillman Ave 

11th April 2016 
Dear liz, 

Thank you for giving me confidence for me when I was at tree climbing because I was really scared.
My highlight was mountain biking because I loved biking over the bumps.
A struggle for me was climbing up the trees because all of the bumps on the branches.
Something I've learnt was that if I was in the woods and I had no house I'd be able to make a hut.
I showed a growth mindset when I didn't want to go to bear Grylls but I did.

Kind Regards 


Monday, 5 September 2016

Discovery time week 7 term 3

Today at discovery time I  made goop with Brooklyn,but it didn't work that good 
because brooklyn put too much dishwashing liquid in the bowl so we had to put more sugar and salt and a bit of water. A goal for next time is we should have different ingredients, next time we are gonna put in borax and glue we are gonna be making a clear colour.