Monday, 20 June 2016


Has anyone said you couldn't do something
And you prove them wrong 
“Omg I'm like so scared” I said to Mia 
Because it was my first time ever playing spotlight argh I screamed because I stupidly tripped over a chair and landed with a thud.
“ Are you okay” Brooklyn asks me meanwhile We,are running pass the tall as a skyscraper tree 
“Spotlight” I was busted time to go back to the beginning.Now I duck under a picnic tablelucky I'm wearing my black pyjama top and bottom so I didn't get seen that much the voice inside my head said that they can still see my head so I got some dirt and rubbed it all over my face
 “You'll never be able to play spotlight” the boys with a laugh

“Brooklyn i think I have a great way to get to the playground 
“wait oh it just left my head”I said “Restart” kiri and Fiona I was running as fast as a Leppard 

Overall I thought that camp was a great experience Because I got to do all these great activities like 
Mountain biking, tree climbing beer Grylls cemetery  but those activities weren't as fun as spotlight 

My writing reflection
In my writing I've used similes  “I was running as fast as a Leppard and tall as a skyscraper tree 

My next step in my writing is to use some show not tell and some more activated nouns because I want to hook the reader into my writing 

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