Sunday, 24 July 2016

My proud writing

 On a mild Friday afternoon we were playing netball 

 We were playing at Cobham intermediate we were versing Paparoa Street School the people who came were Ruby P,Ruby M,Rosa, Millie,Gabby,   Savannah and Nadine   3 cheers for paparoa st hip Ray hip Ray hip Ray  line up with Gabbriella in front ms pagoet. 
Kiri came and told us to board the bus we boarded the bus with all of us having a grin on our faces and player of the day goes to Vanessa for most improved at netball this week omg 
 I shrieked because I thought that I'd never get it because when I was on substitute I was practicing for being shooter and Nadine said that I couldn't get any goals and I felt a little sad but when I scored 1 goal for our team I proved her wrong and so I learnt to not listen
To mean comments I threw my fists in the air and me saying YES!!!
With a grin on my face 

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