Monday, 5 September 2016

Speech 2016

What is the label you would give yourself? 

My label would be netball star

have you ever had a bully well I have this is what she did she used to do it when the teachers weren't looking and trees and hid in bushes and she used to say that I did everything and she did nothing
Remember this don't feel guilt or shame it's the bully's way of gaining control AND YOU DID NOTHING WRONG  

 it is rumoured that 1 in 8 people have been bullied each day 

 Did you know that people take a compliment as a label I said that someone had hair like princess Layer of Star Wars. I thought I was being really nice to her but she took it as a label.

 you see someone getting labeled you should help and stand up for the victim because the are getting really upset. 

Have you watched someone get labeled before well I have and they were laughing at a person because they didn't get a goal in netball because their foot was outside the sideline they called her outsider
Bullies are usually mean because people bully them

Bullies are generally incompetent workers and work hard
 to make others look bad to cover their inadequacies 

58% of people admit to never telling anyone due to fear 

Whether it is at school home or at a friends place everyone needs to be involved to help this growing problem. 

These are some things you can do when talking to a bully
Remain calm but assertive 
Speak in a strong firm voice 
Use good choice of words 
Keep a calm demeanor and a facial expression, a bully is constantly gauging your reactions BE CONFIDENT during the conversation 

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