Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Space Crash! πŸš€

I was in space for… 1 earth minute.
My spaceship crashed because I hit a meteor.
The planet I crashed on was a mystical and magical place with living snowmen.
I had to leave my spaceship because it was blasted by Zegiogg.
I had walked 15 kilometers before I saw I was being followed.
I saw a gigantic yellow green eyed…      Minion.
I hid in a small cave I squinted at in the distance. 
Suddenly a giant sour Gummy snake found me picked me up and rescued me put me into a little hard chocolate chip cookie cabin.
The chocolate chip cookie cabin was actually a big one, inside it was like a giant mansion filled with candy and beautiful loving butterflies.
When I  arrived they gave me a massive party and we ate big floating cakes that puffed blue sparkling bubbles when you bit into it.
When the marshmallow queen came I asked if she could fix my ship if she did I said I'd give her a Diamond necklace and she accepted my offer.
As my Spaceship lifted off I looked back at my friends sadly but happy that I knew there would be a new adventure that waits for me ahead. 

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