Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bean 2016

Do you have a garden at your school ? lots of schools have one these days. schools think Gardening can be fun and educational for the students.
what's more you get to eat the results but if you want a really good garden it pays to know a little bit of science.
“I have an announcement I'm giving you a baby bean” said kiri'
My heart was pounding with the thought of being a parent
Whoooooooo hoooooooooo the heaviness of my breath was pulling me down 
Kiri said name you bean whatever  

1 get a bean / Petri dish 
2 get a wet tissue and put it in the Petri dish\ bag  then get your bean and put it on the wet tissue
3 kiri gave us a observation template to fill out every time we observed it.


9 aug  15 mm white smooth crispy shape is ear no leaf yet 

29 aug 1.1 cm gotten bigger shape is jelly bean no leaf yet smelt like fish oil

14 july started to develope a shoot it looked like a seed that looks like it has hairs dangling out of it 

18 july the chlorophyll has started to turn my bean green I have a leaf it is 2 cm long and 3 cm wide 

21 july it has grown multiple roots the roots are heady to go in the planter box

24 july the bean is in the planter box it is green like freshly green grass

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